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Not every company needs their own professional Ergonomist, but every company needs an Ergonomics Champion to drive their program and ensure success.

This 5-day certification workshop trains participants in ergonomics skills related to the prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs).

With science providing the backdrop, this course emphasizes practical applications for field, industrial and office environments based on case studies and proven best practices. There are several individual, partner, and group activities incorporated into each section.  Quizzes, discussions, problem solving tasks, video analysis, practicing with applied tools and journaling activities keep the participants engaged and focused.

At the conclusion of training, participants will have access to online tools, templates and support resources as long as their certification status is maintained. Certification is valid for three years before recertification is required. Recertification is an online process and does not require re-attending the 5 day workshop.