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Low Back Disorders: Evidence-based Prevention and Rehabilitation by Stuart McGill.  The leading Canadian authority on the spine provides up-to-date research to support suggested injury prevention strategies and rehabilitation approaches.

Engineering Physiology: Basics of Human Factors/Ergonomics by KHE Kroemer; HJ Kroemer; KEKroemer-Elbert describes the systems of the human body and their implications in the design of work for humans.

Ergonomic Design for People at Work by Eastman Kodak Company is an update of a seminal work based on real world techniques and interventions.

Fitting the Task to the Man by Etienne Grandjean is an update of a classic text on occupational ergonomics.

Bodyspace: Anthropometry, Ergonomics, and the Design of Work Third Edition by Stephen Pheasant and Christine M. Haslegrave is an updated text on anthropometry and its design implications, and includes anthropometric tables of various ethnic populations.

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