Office Ergonomics

Employee Training

WorkSMART offers 2 hour basic and 4 hour customized workshops on office ergonomics for employees. Our training can also be combined with individual assessments at each workstation to fine tune their specific environment. WorkSMART utilizes a proactive approach to educating employees on the basics of office ergonomics, giving them the tools they need to optimize their work and home office environments. Includes employee handbooks, assessment tools and stretching guidance.

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Office Ergonomics Assessor Workshop

We are currently developing a virtual 1 day workshop. Please stay tuned by joining our mailing list here. Contact Us

Who is driving your office ergonomics program, and what skills have they been given? Let WorkSMART train your internal champions in how to:
  • Implement a formal process that will become the foundation of the internal office ergonomics program
  • Assess specified workstations and provide feedback to management and workers
  • Assist in proper workstation layout, setup, and equipment utilization
  • Properly adjust and optimize current furnishing and accessories
  • Evaluate the necessity of retrofitting and/or procurement of new office furnishings, equipment, and accessories

At the conclusion of training, participants will have access to online tools, posters and support resources.

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