Ergonomics Research and Case Studies

Ergonomics for Groundskeepers

Manual Handling Solutions for the Food and Drink Industry

Ergonomic Evaluation of Pharmacy Tasks

Whole Body Vibration in Construction

Reducing MSD Hazards in the Workplace: A Guide to Successful Participatory Ergonomics Programs is a guide developed by The Institute for Work & Heath based out of Ontario.

Factors for the Success in Participatory Ergonomics is a summary from Ontario’s Institute for Work |& Health.

IWH Systematic Review Education Training 2010 The Institute for Work and Health conducted a systematic review of the value of OHS education and training.

WISHA Reference Document – Concise Explanatory Document Although this Washington State controversy is over a decade old, this document contains compelling statistics which support the relevance and utility of ergonomics in the workplace.

Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders: The Epidemiological Evidence and the Debate by Linda Punnett and David H. Wegman examines strengths and weaknesses of epidemiological studies of workplace musculoskeletal disorders.

Predicting Office Workstation Dimensions From Anthropometric Data examines a model used to inform initial workstation set up based on gender and stature of workers.

Musculoskeletal Disorders And Workplace Factors is a critical review by NIOSH of epidemiological evidence for work-related MSDs.

Washington L&I Case Studies

Washington L&I Ideas Bank

Ohio BWC Industry-Specific Controls

Musculoskeletal Disorders at the Worksite Linked to Stress article by Institute of Work & Health